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My Kambo Experience

I want to share my Kambo experience with you-

It starts in 2018. I was stuck. So stuck. In my own chronic fatigue, trauma, pain and my story.

My liver disease had gotten to the point where I could no longer pretend it didn’t exist. I felt on edge all of the time. My body was so sore I didn’t want to move. My nails were yellow. I couldn’t digest much at all. I was constipated. Bloated. I was SO tired I felt like there was something seriously wrong with me. The mix of all these feelings made it so I had almost no fight left in me to change my lifestyle and take back control of my existence. When I wasn’t making it through a day of work I was home resentful of the next time I had to go in, so off and depleted. I was depressed. Anxious. Scared.

Until I met Kambo

My first session in 2019

My work with Kambo began in 2019. I had never heard of such a ‘medicine’. I was skeptical. Frog poison? How can that be good for me..?

I researched and talked to those I knew had experience with the frog. It sounded intimidating. People were telling me it feels like you’re going to die for 20 minutes before you felt the miraculous benefits- how inviting.

I knew I was strong. I had made it through worse and I was desperate- so I decided to give it a go. Placing a trust in the truth my heart and soul knew it was hearing.

I had my first session in the winter of 2019 with a now loved and trusted best friend and sister of mine, someone who carried this medicine more sacredly and reverently than anyone else I had ever known or worked with.

It was uncomfortable. Like really uncomfortable. But I had been so uncomfortable for so long I pushed through. I was reminded of my warrior within. The essence of my soul who knew how to breath through tough experiences and feelings. Who knew she could survive anything after where she had come from. I remember my first DEEP purge I smiled and nodded, honoring myself and this medicine I couldn’t believe I hadn’t known of until then.

I had NEVER experienced anything quite as profound or healing in my whole life and I KNEW I needed to work more deeply with this incredibly intelligent medicine from the start. In the coming weeks the light in my eyes and spark in my soul returned.

I decided to keep doing my own inner work with the frog medicine for a few years.

I had a strong calling to share this medicine with others. “The world NEEDS THIS, SO MANY PEOPLE NEED THIS!” I thought.

But I knew deep in my soul I needed to first do my own work and THEN go to meet the frog and visit the jungle, IN PERSON before I would consider training with Kambo. Opportunities came to train in the US. Friends I knew were doing these trainings. I had a fear of missing out. Of waiting and becoming a practitioner long after those around me when I wanted it so badly, but I waited. I honored that gut feeling. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I sat many times during those years with the intention of healing myself from liver disease and clear out hardcore toxins/residuals from years of drug abuse and unhealthy lifestyle. Years of trauma and energetic imbalance.

My liver disease symptoms fell away. I flushed out all of the toxic chemicals from the treatment and my previous lifestyle that were weighing me down.

I felt lighter. I felt stronger. I felt inspired, healthy and like ME again.

I continued sitting with Kambo. I helped other practitioners as they applied Kambo to their clients and observed a lot of sessions. I asked questions. Read books. Looked into research. I was enveloped in the frog.

It’s important for me to share that I still sit regularly.

Fast forward to 2020. I have never been outside of the US. I decide I’m going to go to the Jungle. I decide I’m ready. It’s time. I NEED to meet the frog.

2021. A year after setting the intention. Saving all that I could to make it happen, I set out on the greatest adventure of my life to date.

I trained in the Amazon Jungle of Peru under Deyan Gajic and his assistant, Gera, of Kambo Naturista in June. I completed a 22 day training, undergoing 15 applications to myself, while applying also to others. I immersed myself in the culture of Peru and The Jungle for 28 days.

Upon arrival I was culture shocked. Getting there was not easy. Amidst the still Covid affected world, I made my way. To a place I’d never been- alone. Landing in Iquitos, I was shocked by the stray animals and trash all around the streets. The main mode of transportation was a mototaxi- a motorcycle with a cart attached. I had never seen one in my life nevermind been on one. My flights were a bit rough. I had never flown alone, and being in a country where almost no one spoke English proved to be very challenging. My longest flight I was the last seat, you know the one by the bathroom that doesn’t recline. I didn’t sleep. Thanks to a dear friend of mine who had experience traveling to Peru, I knew how to navigate from the airport to my hostel.

I arrived at the hostel our training was meeting at. Put my two giant backpacks in my room (one weighing 90 pounds!) and decided to venture out for water and something to eat.

I walked 5 blocks in each direction seeing no stores- only street food that did NOT fit my diet. I needed water. I finally found that but no food. The gentleman that sold me water laughed at my broken Spanish. It hurt my heart. I was trying so hard.

I spent the entire next day alone, again trying to navigate my way around this foreign place. Having only eaten bananas and a coconut- I went back to my room and felt a mental break coming. I called my partner, and texted with my friend who grounded me as much as they could. I realized with some help that this was my first test. Could I keep it together? I journaled, took deep breaths and a shower. I decided I could do this, I wasn’t going to shut down. I went back out.

Not even 2 minutes out of my room and I run into someone who looked like they may be there for the training as well. She was. And she had been there for a week, so she knew how to help me! We went out and explored the city.

We spent the next couple of days in Iquitos awaiting the arrival of the rest of our group. On the third day we departed into the jungle, across the Amazon river by boat. When we got to our center I was blown away by the beauty and magic that was the jungle. It was like NOTHING I had ever seen. It was alive. Everything was breathing. The smell. The sounds. All of it touched down into the deepest parts of my heart and soul.

We were shown to our tambos (small jungle huts) and I had a moment. I made it. All of the stress in getting to this moment had been worth it. As triggering and hard as it was, I’d do it again in a heartbeat for THIS.

That night I was not as scared as I’d expected I’d be. Even though there were cockroaches and termites all through my hut. The noises of the night were so intense, but I also felt right where I was supposed to be. My soul felt on fire. I was so alive. And I made this happen (with Spirit and some support of course).

We spent our first day going over what to expect during the training.

Our first wake up, we were served Kambo by our teacher Deyan. We sang Kambo songs. And began going over theory.

A few days later.

The moment came. On our 4th night in the jungle we went to find the frogs. I finally get to meet the frog in the flesh. We walked through the night into the deeper jungle, on very narrow and muddy paths. Walking through spider webs and fighting the mosquitoes. We made it to a pond surrounded by tall trees. This is where they like the live. We found 6 of them- one of our teachers, Robinson- a Matses man, calling to them, us trying to spot them so he could get them down from the trees. I got to walk back to our center with one frog in particular for a long hike back to our spot in the jungle, while I walked I spoke to him. I sang to him. I expressed to him all of my love and gratitude. I asked for permission to carry his sacred sacrament. I vowed that I would do so carefully and respectfully, always with great reverence for the tribes and ancestors who came before me that obtained this knowledge and connection and to the frog itself. I usually was freaked out by touching critters but the Kambo frog’s energy was so calm. I felt immediately comfortable holding them, and sharing energy with them. They move like sloths. Until they jump!

The next morning: When I thought my connection was already deep, I had the honor of scraping medicine from a frog and collecting and THEN sitting with fresh medicine directly off of the frog. I didn’t know what to expect- and as I am still integrating, all I can say is it was the most beautifully, intense sit of my entire life. I was on my Moon cycle so I took only one dot. And one dot was all I needed. I had a deep session and purge. The way the fresh medicine worked with me was like no other Kambo experience I have had to date.

I went even deeper. Shortly after our time with the frogs we entered dieta.

8 of the 22 days of training were in isolation ‘dieta’ where I isolated, stayed quiet and focused on building a deep, lifelong connection with the Kambo Spirit and frog. Each day of dieta I sat with Kambo. Serving myself. And observing as others served themselves. Writing down feedback, which we went over after we were done with the dieta.

I didn’t speak about anything not Kambo related those 8 days. I didn’t read, study, wash myself, get direct sunlight, exercise, take in ANY salt or sugar, or brush my teeth. I focused on being in the jungle. In all of her magic. I stayed in my hut most of those days, in my hammock. In prayer and in honor. I got ultra clear on what I wanted in my life- and focused on building a lifelong connection to the Kambo Spirit. I prayed to the frog every day.

I hadn’t expected the dieta to go into what it did. Deep trauma work. Things I thought I had already gone over too many times, but the frog was showing me there were still blockages and attachments there. I did deep inner work, manifestations of my future and shadow work. My dreams spoke in languages from spirit I did not know existed. I was visited by two plant spirits. Their names are still just for me to know, until I do my work with them. I was tested and trialed by the Kambo spirit and the jungle herself- as someone who went in scared of bugs I found myself making friends with 2 inch cockroaches and tarantulas. Snakes and lizards. And millions of mosquitoes. Making peace with them and co-existing in my hut. I would wake up often in the night to the Kambo frog outside of my jungle hut, barking their song, reminding me of their presence all around me. I prayed for a lifelong connection with Kambo, for my life and the earth, and all of my loved ones every day. I felt blissful. Connected. To myself, to the earth and to Kambocito.

I came out of dieta- a changed woman.

I hadn’t felt so clear in YEARS. Deyan closed our dieta with a salt/sugar mix, icaros and a plant bath. We had a beautiful breathwork session and integration of our experiences. How different every single person’s was!

Next; we learned to apply Kambo to others. We practiced and then were tested, our final exam!

I passed my training.

We ended with a Grandmother ceremony. Like nothing I have ever experienced in my whole life. It confirmed and tied together everything that I had experienced and learned throughout my time in the jungle. Dense energies were removed from my being, and my field was sealed by the curandero.

The next morning after brunch- back to the city I went. To spend 3 more days in the Peru before my venture home.

It truly feels like the first step into my true Dharma. My life’s purpose. My soul medicine and contribution to the earth.

I am holding on to everything that has changed in me. I feel leveled up. I feel more me than I have in my whole life.

I’m excited to share myself with those who feel called to connect, and resonate with me.

I am now home. Ecstatic to share my medicine with anyone who feels the call to sit with this ancient intelligence that is KAMBO.

I am SO honored to carry this sacred medicine and intend to always do so safely, with integrity and respect for the frog, the indigenous and ancestor who came before us, myself and my clients.

I am feeling all of the love and support, all of the trust of those who wish to come sit with me and Kambo. I believe in this medicine more than any other. I believe in it’s ability to heal us and in turn heal this earth. If you are interested in working with Kambo and myself, please send me a private message. I serve in the New England Area of the US.

Gracias Kambocito. For my medicine, your blessings, cleansing and healing. You help me remember my wholeness.

Gracias to my friends and teachers Ki, Otto and The Kambo Naturista team. You have been the best educators, mentors and examples I could ask for. Gracias Josh, for being my rock. For supporting me, loving me and believing in me when others may have doubted.

Gracias Mama Selva. I still feel you all around me- I feel your call to come back. I will honor and answer that call.

Gracias Great Spirit.

Thank you to you too for taking the time to read this message from my heart.

All of my love.

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