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My Journey

Emily Boucher / FOX FIRE HEALING is a multifaceted human and resource for Holistic Wellness, Community Building/Connection, Wombyn’s Wellness, empowerment and more. 
Emily has been living at and helping to manage an intentional community in Southern NH with her partner, Josh, since 2018 at The Hive: Farm and Community Space (Yes, they do have bees).
With special focus on leading monthly Women’s Circle gatherings, Kambo Ceremonies, Cacao ceremonies, Event and Social Media/Website management, gardening, and other general Matriarchal duties. Alongside of her part-time work in Hospice. 
She has been on her own personal healing journey since 2016, when she got clean from a serious opiate addiction. She has been to depths of her own suffering and darkness and believes this is a powerful strength in her ability to hold loving, non-judgemental space for others as they navigate their own journey. Especially Women on the Spiritual path. 
She is dedicated to her path of service, self growth and is an eternal student of life. In 2020 she became a Certified Cycle Aligned Life Guide, working with the magic of menstrual cycles and helping others reclaim their natural rhythmic connection to their flow. 
She has also spent time studying with the ancient traditions and sacred plants in the Amazon Jungle and Sacred Valley of Peru 2020-2022. Dieting both Kambo and Bobinsana and becoming a trained Kambo practitioner June 2021. 
Some of her other passions include painting and artwork, cats, herbal medicines and adventuring the Earth. She is excited to learn, grow, play, be supportive and supported within the community.

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